I really enjoy podcasts. I have learned a ton from podcasts and continue to do so. I used to have an hour-plus long commute to work, and I used that time for pure listening goodness. I don’t have to do that anymore, but if I find a few minutes to myself you will likely still find me with earphones in listening to something.

My list of podcasts has grown and shrunk as different podcasts cross my pod catcher or fizzle out. Sometimes I’ll pull in a new subject for a little while. Right now it’s back to being pretty web focused, but I’ve been listening to some speaking shows as well.

I often get requests for my podcast list, so here it is!

General Web





last updated 11/19/2014

If you’ve got a podcast I should check out, drop a note in comments. I have to keep the list somewhat trimmed due to the amount of time I have to listen, but I love trying new ones.