Imagine that you’ve woken up and it’s pitch black.

First you are afraid to move because you don’t know where you are. You wonder how it is you got here. What could you have done to get to this room? But then you realize it doesn’t matter because you are here right now and you can’t see.

Slowly, as minutes pass, your fear starts to ebb and you start moving around. You stumble around on the floor. It feels like some kind of rough wood. Finally you find a wall, and putting your left hand on it, you move around the room.

Four walls, maybe 10 feet each. It’s just a small square.

There are no windows. One of the walls houses a cheap feeling wooden door, but it’s locked. Reaching up you feel nothing, but a jump into the air reveals a low ceiling.

As the time continues to pass, you realize you’ve got a problem. You’re trapped. The way out is locked and nothing indicates anyone is coming for you anytime soon.

What do you do?

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